Mammillaria luethyi



Mammillaria luethyi is one of the few species of cactus with cryptocarpic fruits. That is, the fruit and seeds are produced and retained inside the stem of the plant. After the flower is finished and dropped off, the stem closes over the fruit and the fruit/seed gradually ripens within. The following years the fruit may remain within the body at the axil, or may protrude a bit. A thin membrane will be above the part where ripe seed can emerge. As the plant swells with the new growing season, the membrane fractures, and some seed from the past years can little by little drop down and germinate in the close proximity, forming small colonies.
But usually the seeds remain within the plant body for several years or for the whole life cycle of the plant, and frequently they will be released only at the death of the plant after the disintegration of the old stem.

This specimen is grafted.

Plants ship bare root, pot/soil not included