Garden Gi (Gingham Plaid by Misa Chhan)


A special Garden Gi hand dyed by the great Misa ChhanThe Gingham Gi is naturally dyed with Walnut and hand painted with mordants (metallic salts such as alum or iron used to bond the dye to the fiber). Mordants are essential for the lightfastness and wash fastness for most natural dyes. The alum brightens the dye and the iron darkens it. After the mordant is applied, the gi is dyed in a Walnut bath which reacts with the different mordants and untreated background, resulting in three different shades of brown in one dye bath

*please note each Gi will be unique in tone, pattern, etc. Color may change with use, age and water. If you must, hand wash cold, line dry out of direct sun.

8 large pockets • 14 sub pockets • 2 thigh pockets • Reinforced knees • Reinforced ass • Armpit vents • 2 tabs • Closure ties

Jacket: 100% Cotton 450g Pearl Weave 
Pants: 100% Cotton 10oz Twill

Standard Gi sizing.  See: for sizing information