Freakazoid Astrophytum hybrid


This is for one grafted juvenile Astrophytum hybrid (sometimes called superkabuto). These plants are famous for the unpredictable shapes and patterns they develop as they age. Buy one, stick it into a pot with some soil, and see what happens!

Astrophytum superkabuto originated with a mutation that occurred in just one field-collected individual of A. asterias by the Japanese Mr. Masaomi Takeo who then sold to Tony Sato at a high price in Japan.
Cross-pollinating this original plant with various other Astrophytum species has resulted in a myriad of intraspecific hybrids, each containing the genes of a variety of species and clones. There are way too many insanely beautiful forms of 'Super Kabuto' to mention, each offering its own flavor of pattern and shape. The plant pictured is on its own root.

Plants are individually boxed and ship bare root, pot/soil not included

If you are ordering from an area with weather below 32 degrees, we recommend purchasing a HEAT PACK ($3.75) and using priority shipping.  If you decline to do this Cactus Store is not responsible for damaged plants.