Echinocereus rayonesensis


Plants with many stems, branching at ground level. Stems erect, cylindrical, 12-28 cm (4.7-11 in) high, 2.5-4.5 cm (11.8 in) in diameter, obscured by heavy spination. Ribs 10-15, tuberculate. Spines glassy white to yellowish, hairlike or slender. Central spines 5-9, pointing downward, 3-5 cm (1.2-2 in) long. Radial spines 15-25, sometimes more, 0.7-15 cm (0.3-0.6 in) long. Flowers borne on the sides of the stems, broadly funnelform, purplish magenta with white throats, 2.5-6 cm (1-2.4 in) long, 2.8-6 cm (1.1-2.4 in) in diameter. Fruits elongate, olive green to brown. Distribution: valley of Rayones, Nuevo León, Mexico.

Plants are individually boxed and ship bare root, pot/soil not included