Dioscorea sylvatica


Dioscorea sylvatica grows in a variety of wooded and relatively mesic places, such as the moister bushveld areas, margins of forests, bracken or ericoid scrubs, Albany thicket, fynbos, grasslands, savanna, coastal bush and wooded mountain kloofs. It is quite frequent where it occurs but very slow growing (generation length estimated to be 30 years). There was a huge population decline from 1955-1960 as a result of indiscriminate commercial harvesting for diosgenin, a substance that was used to manufacture cortisone and other steroid hormones. Exploitation of tubers for the local medicinal plant trade is ongoing, and is preventing recovery. It is also threatened by the extreme pressure of pastoral grazing that is is changing the micro-habitat of the bush and possibly the decline of mature individuals is also caused by illegal overcollection of the tubers that are highly sought after by cudiciform collectors.

Plants ship bare root, pot/soil not included