Tylecodon dinteri (small)


Tylecodon  are  found  within  the   crassulacea  family. The genus of around   46 species, is  very diverse in habitat and quite variable in form, ranging from dwarf single leaved to large thick-stemmed, wich can attain a height of 2,5 mts.
The distribution of Tylecodon is  , restricted to  the Northern, Western and Eastern Cape provinces of South Africa and Sourhern Namibia. The most typical vegetation type in which Tylecodon  species are  found is Succulent Karoo. The  plants  occur quite  abundantly in   habitats  that vary from  the rocky  coastal  shores ; rock crevices  in  mountainous  terrain  and  in  sandy  hilly  terrain. In  very  hot,  dry environements, plants are usually confined to the cooler south facing slopes.

Currently growing in 2.5 inch container

Plants ship bare root, pot/soil not included