Hohenbergia - Serrate Tanks


From the good folks at Straight Books:

This is probably the first book in the world that focuses on the subspecies of Hohenbergia, which has a kind of silhouette that looks like a spider in the Hogenbergia genus. The author is Satoshi Sato, a literary gardener who has read most of the literature on bromelia abroad. In a stoic style that says that “unfounded differences are not as valuable as sand grains”, no irresponsible information is allowed. Along with Mr. Sato and Mr. Fumio Fujikawa, who is a friend of Sato and the former scientist, it also contains an interview article that thoroughly pursues Leopold-Holsty, which is a popular species but is actually wrapped in many mysteries. The number of pages has increased from the first in the series, making the content readable.
A5 size, 112P, full color